The Whip - Specializing in custom blended soft serve ice cream & shaved ice
  We serve a top quality product.  Our ice cream is a real dairy product with real cream.  When we decided to start this business we searched and taste tested everywhere to find the very best tasting ice cream available in Florida!  We custom blend all our flavors as a single serving size so each one is fresh.  Our flavors come from real extracts, not artificial flavorings, so the taste is always authentic.
  Since snow cones go with ice cream so well we decided to add a genuine New Orleans Southern Snow Ice Shaver to our business.  This shaver creates the fluffiest shaved ice from a solid 12 lb. block of ice. We never skimp on the syrup and use the best tasting flavors in the industry.
  We're a fully licensed restaurant and can do much more than ice cream and shaved ice.  Private parties, catering events, employee appreciation days, sports events, fund raisers & special events are some examples.   
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